Do you have goals? I mean sometimes I think of what I want but, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and wrote out my goals. The thought of a five-year plan doesn’t scream, top priorities. Could just be the kind of person I am, I know a lot of people who have had everything planned out for a while. I am the first one of my local friend group to have children and I doubt that I’m the only person who thought that I would be the last to start a family. Things unexpected happen all the time but, it doesn’t hurt to try to have a guideline for the way you want your life to turn out.

Knowing your goals is a good way start to reaching them. I mean, it is easier to run to a destination than to zig zag around. Where do you start? Well what do you want? I always try to avoid starting with material items. I love the mind-set that health & happiness comes first! It would be nice to have a Unicorn and Jet Ski but even if I had those and I wasn’t healthy and happy, I wouldn’t enjoy them very much.

One of my biggest goals is to be a better parent or I guess you could say a better version. Maybe every parent has that goal. I wake up every morning and think to myself, do better, be better. Education is next on my list of goals, upgrading to brush up on subjects that are a little rusty. Third is to spend more time by myself, to learn to be ok with who I am. Something important that I think will take a long time to accomplish! I also want to be more involved with my community.
These are small goals that I think I can wake up everyday, and be excited to work on. You need something to wake up and push towards, you know? Or else you start thinking why in the world do I even wake up. It’s one thing to have to go to your job  or to take care of your children. But what do you do for yourself, to make you want to get out of bed every morning, for you?

I’d love to hear what you guys do! Leave me a comment below! I hope everyone enjoys their day!

Stray Thoughts

Struggling to see,
What is finally me.

A mirror askew in the light. 

Straining your eyes.

Reflection is just out of sight.
Thinking stray thoughts,

Across your mind. 

Greener pastures,

Sing a siren song…
Of times left behind.
It must be wrong,

To be impassive. 

Pushing through.

Be okay you think,

Around another way.

Something sprung me to write this while laying in bed. I hope everyone finds rest. Goodnight. 🌜

An Uncomfortable Topic

I haven’t written in a while due to Christmas & New Years. I hope everyone was surrounded by joy and happiness this holiday season. I also hope that 2018 brings amazing adventures and great times for everyone!

Now that 2018 has arrived and in the light of the new year, I wanted to write and hopefully educate, on a topic that most people find uncomfortable. Periods and the waste produced by period products.

If you are a male or someone who thinks that this post doesn’t apply to them or that they shouldn’t read any further, you couldn’t be more wrong. As a person in general it is your responsibility to educate whenever possible, say you’re a father and you just had a baby girl.. well at some point that girl is going to get her period. This a topic that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone.  Recently I was browsing through Facebook and a post caught my attention.  Jim Stelmacker a resident of Port Alberni came across an unsightly view whilst walking the trail to the bird sanctuary, located across the Somass river. When walking the trail you have to pass the Sewage Lagoon, with permission I have posted the pictures of what he found below.



Not only is this a disturbing sight to see while walking around our beautiful home town but, It also bring up the question ” How under educated are women? “. Growing up, I was apparently one of the lucky ones that was taught that absolutely nothing but, biodegradable waste and toilet paper goes in the toilet. Never in my life would I have imagined that ladies would flush not only the tampon it’s self but, also the plastic or cardboard applicator. If not for the possibility of embarrassment, if the toilet were to clog  but, also because of the impact on the environment. At my house we had a private sewage tank that needed to be emptied, so in my adolescent mind I was embarrassed at the idea of the attendant finding any of my products in the tank. (Later finding out that is not exactly how they empty the tanks).

As of July 1, 2014, Canada’s population was composed of slightly more females than males, at 17.9 million and 17.6 million. I know that those statistics aren’t up to date but it gives you a general idea of how many women there are in Canada. That is a lot of feminine products sold and perhaps discarded improperly. According to Canadianmenstruators.ca in 2014 Canadian women between the ages of 12 and 49 spent an estimated $519,976,963 on menstrual hygiene products.

Now imagine you only had to buy one product replacing it between every 2-4 years. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well I’d like to introduce the Diva Cup, while still being made out of plastic. It is an impressive alternative to tampons and pads. I myself wish that someone had come up with the idea and educated me about it when I was young, it would saved me from some very embarrassing moments.  I think this product is wonderful and hopefully offers a solution to period product environmental problem as well as the problem of period product access around the world.

In short anyone who is menstruating and flushing their products down the toilet, please stop! Either put your feminine waste in the garbage (where it will still end up in the ground in our landfills) or switch to a better alternative. I know some ladies are grossed out by the idea of a Diva Cup but, it is such a small thing to overcome to help solve such a big problem.

If you have any experiences or comments feel free to post them below!

Thanks for reading!


Cash Crate

Being a full-time homemaker is great but, unfortunately it does not pay well. Some people will argue that it pays in love, but love doesn’t buy groceries. I’ve found myself lately wanting to make an extra bit of cash on the side. I had previously looked into doing online survey’s through multiple different sites,with some luck but, nothing consistent. Until now, I had been getting paid in gift card format which, isn’t the greatest if you need to buy anything that isn’t from Amazon. Recently I found this site called Cash Crate. Cashcrate.com is the only online survey website I have found that sends out actual check with actual money. The site is easy enough to navigate, it had various options to earn cash. You can watch videos, take survey and shop through websites for cash. Each time you complete a survey your money marker is updated, although I have noticed that it can take a little but of time for it to appear.

When you reach an amount of $25 they will send you a check in the mail, which sounds awesome to me!! I love taking survey’s to make extra cash! You can spend time with your family, you can do them in your P.J’s and you can get your own snacks at the same time too!! You can expect to receive 2-3 emails a day inviting you to survey’s but, there are loads more on the website! You can also receive free offers from companies that will pay you to try their products or service.

Anyone who is looking for a bit of extra income should certainly give it a try by pressing the button below! And no it is not a scam!! Be sure to let me know what you think of it in comment section!


Karaoke Port Alberni

I never thought I’d be one to enjoy Karaoke, but I have been twice in the last week! Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Nicole and couple BlackFly Vodka’s, I took a shot at it. On Wednesday night Karaoke is at The Blue Marlin Inn (The Arli). We arrived to a turnout of maybe 30 people, which isn’t bad for a Wednesday night. I headed up to the bar with Nicole, who just so happened to be buying the drinks because she won 70 dollars at the Casino only minutes before. We ordered two of our favourite shots, Marijuana Milkshakes. Our bartender was new, he had never made them. That being said he was quick on a call to another bartender to get the recipe. While waiting for him to make the drinks.

We felt a little embarrassed for ordering such a “fancy” shot in a line up full of men wanting bottled beer. They weren’t hiding their annoyance either. I felt terrible for the man behind the bar, he had been nothing but kind. After a couple of minutes of standing there awkwardly, to our relief the he asked if we would like to take a seat and he would bring our shots over. He ended up bring two light blue drinks over, they were not exactly what we asked for but the were delicious none the less. They were also complimentary, which was thoughtful. We sang, drank and overall it was a fun experience!

Friday night was Karaoke at the Port Pub, not somewhere I have been very often. I didn’t think that there would be that many people but, I was wrong. Packed full of enthusiastic patrons of all different ages, we even saw some returning singers from The Blue Marlin. One of the many wonderful voices I heard that evening was that of Niklas Burton, a resident of Port Alberni and Karaoke fan. His melodious voice stood out among the crowd. Tackling Sia’s complex song Chandelier is not for the faint of heart but Niklas had the vocal range to pull it off. He was not the only talented voice there that night, multiple others surprised the audience with powerful renditions of their all time favourite songs!  The service was great and if I am not mistaken they also had Pool Tables on the upper level for those not courageous enough for Karaoke. I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t already been to go in and check it out!

So Port Alberni if you’re looking for a fun Karaoke night out, those are some of your options!  If anyone knows the name of the Karaoke company, feel free to leave their name in the comments so I can add it to the blog! If you have videos from your Karaoke experience feel free to leave them in the comments as well!

On a side note, I am looking for recommendations for topics for my next blogs! Tell me what you love most about Port Alberni so everyone else and myself can check it out!


Port Alberni Squash & Billiards

I don’t spend a whole lot of time playing pool and I haven’t tried Squash, but after my visit to P.A’s new Squash & Billiards Club I might start. Locally owned and operated by the infamous Candy Travers, P.A Squash & Billiards is more than meets the eye.  I first met Candy when she worked at the Blue Marlin Inn ( The Arli ), welcoming and knowledgable beyond drinks. She always remembered who I was and indulged my curiousness with new fun drinks or shots to try! I was a little sad when I heard she wasn’t working at the Blue Marlin and now that I know why I am not so sad.

Last Thursday after a lovely birthday dinner for Curtis, family and friends took me to “Candy’s”, as they like to call it. It is located on 3rd Avenue across from the BMO. I had never noticed it was there,  maybe it was that the sign is rather small compared to the size of the building. Inside it is a newly renovated, beautiful open area with 10 pool tables, a foosball table and the bar. Of corse the bar is stocked and served by Candy herself. There are also three different viewing windows looking down onto the squash courts and downstairs is a fully equipped 24 hour gym. Immediately feeling an at home atmosphere is always refreshing, With a cozy corner fire-place and couch how could you not feel at home!

First things first. I wanted to play a round of pool, as I mentioned before I don’t play pool… often. I thought I knew how to at least hold cue stick but, apparently not. Shortly after my sister in-law began playing, Candy came over how to show us how professionals do it. I am super thankful she did or my defeat would have been even more embarrassing. A fun-filled night of foosball, pool and Marijuana Milkshake shots, has got me thinking of trying my hand at Squash.

Overall I think this is my new go to spot in Port Alberni, especially because Candy never says no to a little dancing too! I strongly urge anyone with the interest to go check it out, leave a comment below and tell us about your experience! For more information visit their facebook page or website.

You can also follow my blog for more of Port Alberni Hot Spots!



Cameron Lake Lookout

Recently I have been wanting to get out and explore more of our beautiful island. For those of you who do not know me, I am not generally an athletic person. I am not on any sports teams, I do not exercise regularly and I am no fan of running. I want to be though, I want to be that person who is super healthy and goes on hikes and adventures. In an effort to progress in that way, I asked my wonderful friend Britt to take me on a hike. May I also add that I envy Britt when it comes to leading a healthy and athletic life and that she is such a beautiful person and amazing friend. That being said I also dislike her when it comes to doing activities, she has built herself into a workout machine. She pushes beyond my limits, from Zumba to climbing a mountain. In my opinion everyone needs a Britt is their life.

At first I thought I might bring my kids along but decided against it because every momma needs their alone time. I traded my mother In-law babies for her puppy! Thank goodness I did, because even the start of the trail proved to not be baby friendly. Never the less I was super excited to accomplish even the smallest feat of climbing to this lookout. I am always surprised at how much better someone can feel after they have accomplished even the tiniest thing.

The hike was only about 30 minutes long, but it was all hill. I tried my hardest not to complain every time we rounded a corner or came to a split pass only to find more hill. Nobody likes going on adventures with a whinny wiener. I took my time, tried to pace myself per Britt’s instructions. At points during the hike that Britt had to run up hills ahead of me to get her workout in, now you can see why part of me envy’s her. Being able to galloping like a dear up a mountain and even carry the puppy up hills that were too steep.

Although I hate hills I had a fun time and by the 15 minute mark I stopped caring about the hills and only thought about how nice the view would be. The view hiking up was incredible, I always forget how dense and green our forests are. There were outstanding views of the mountains and logging roads in the surrounding areas. When we finally made it to the top, It was breathtaking. I had never seen Cameron Lake in all it’s entirety, stunning, to be able to see something you have seen a hundred times before from a completely new view. There were benches at the top as well, although my mind was boggled about how someone hiked them up there, I was relieved they did.


After posing for photos we decided to trek back down. Easier said then done, Britt had to carry the puppy most of the way down because it was so steep. Some minor slips and falls, left Britt with a nasty arm scratch. The puppies and I made it out unharmed. When we were nearing the end of the trail Britt noticed that both our legs were shaking, from balancing and fighting gravity. Over all it was the second best hike I have had on the island, the first being to a place called Underwood and maybe sometime I will write about that one too!


Thanks for reading and If anyone is interested in giving it a try, the trail head it easy to find. If you are coming from Parksville, look for an area on the right side of the road right before you hit Cameron Lake provincial park. You will be able to see a rail road in front of where you would park your car, follow it to the left over the trestle and right after, you will see a tiny trail on the right. You follow that all the way to the top.

Happy Hiking!



Avoiding certain death. Let us play the game. We can play, now. Make plans. You are going to need them. It is not teamwork because we are both selfish. You are disgusting.  You are the kind of girl who just sits there & cannot accept a thank you. So like who is really at fault.

The words of someone you love, acid to the core, you walk out thinking, It’s me, them, us, this, that. A never-ending search for the meanings to an end. You can see the good, you can see the light & everything to fight for the right. Just outside arms reach, you push for the air to fill your lungs… but they fall flat. Mature move is, to forgive and hope for the best. Yet your full of detest.

Your Happy Place

When I breathe words I don’t mean.

My body overrules my intentions.

Swinging back and forth,

Like a child on a tire swing.

I want our hearts to be happy,

But my heart is selfish.


I don’t think I’ve ever spoke or publicised anything of my own thoughts. I love the concept of writing a blog, you really put yourself out there for anyone to see. I wasn’t a strong student, I am not a strong writer either. It’s a little terrifying pushing that publish button, then it’s out there. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and poor topic subjects. It’s all out there, it doesn’t matter if you correct it later. It could be the first impression someone has of you or the last impression you make on someone. A million people could be reading your words or no one at all. Thank you to anyone who has read any of my posts, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts. I’d also like to shout out to my beautiful man Curtis for putting up with every single one of my never-ending ideas and their outcomes!





Tacofino is a name everyone in British Columbia and frankly, all over Canada needs to know about. When I moved to Port Alberni back in 2012 one of the first things I wanted to do was to try surfing, again. When I used to come out to Ucluelet from Ontario to visit my father, he would set my brother and myself up with surf lessons in Tofino. Thankfully it wasn’t hard to get my wonderful, new-found friends to take me to Tofino and help me get set up.

In all the excitement of the day I found it funny that all my friends kept talking about was this fantastic place called Tacofino and that they had the best burritos! When we arrived I realized it was a food truck, to boot it was bright orange and for those of you that don’t know orange is my favourite colour! I was pleasantly surprised and excited to try their food. My friends were correct indeed, it was and still is the best burrito I’ve ever had.

If you visit Tacofino or Tofino in general during the tourist season (Mid June – Mid September) don’t be surprised if there are a lot of people and a long line up. Good thing is that the service at Tacofino is incredible, because they are very popular! They have limited outside seating which has pros and cons. In the rainy season there is no cover, so I usually eat in my vehicle. Which I don’t mind because I would rather devour my burritos like a savage animal that hasn’t eaten in months, without being watched by strangers.

Even right now while writing the article I am drooling at the mouth thinking about one of their chicken burritos. They have an awesome menu, displayed front and center outside of the ordering window. It features an array of Burritos, Tacos and Gringas ( kind of like a small quesadilla ). In my opinion Gringas are the perfect thing for kids, gooey, delicious and less messy than a taco or burrito. They serve one of the best fish tacos I have ever had, but my favourite is their chicken burrito. It is filled to the max with fresh ingredients and it is massive! Like most other places you can add certain things like guacamole and cheese for a price, usually $1.

If the food isn’t enough to convince you make a visit then the fact that is neighbours, a chocolate shop, art gallery, a bakery, little convenience store, long luxurious beaches and much more should do it. In general, if you’re looking for a fun road trip destination, then the little hippie town of Tofino is a place you should add to your list! If you can’t make it to Tofino then head to one of their many other locations in Victoria or Vancouver!
P.S even in the off-season there are many things to do, accommodation prices are lower and the storm watching is PHENOMENAL!!

You can check out their website at http://www.tacofino.com or at their FB page www.facebook.com/TacoFino-Tofino/