Cameron Lake Lookout

Recently I have been wanting to get out and explore more of our beautiful island. For those of you who do not know me, I am not generally an athletic person. I am not on any sports teams, I do not exercise regularly and I am no fan of running. I want to be though, I want to be that person who is super healthy and goes on hikes and adventures. In an effort to progress in that way, I asked my wonderful friend Britt to take me on a hike. May I also add that I envy Britt when it comes to leading a healthy and athletic life and that she is such a beautiful person and amazing friend. That being said I also dislike her when it comes to doing activities, she has built herself into a workout machine. She pushes beyond my limits, from Zumba to climbing a mountain. In my opinion everyone needs a Britt is their life.

At first I thought I might bring my kids along but decided against it because every momma needs their alone time. I traded my mother In-law babies for her puppy! Thank goodness I did, because even the start of the trail proved to not be baby friendly. Never the less I was super excited to accomplish even the smallest feat of climbing to this lookout. I am always surprised at how much better someone can feel after they have accomplished even the tiniest thing.

The hike was only about 30 minutes long, but it was all hill. I tried my hardest not to complain every time we rounded a corner or came to a split pass only to find more hill. Nobody likes going on adventures with a whinny wiener. I took my time, tried to pace myself per Britt’s instructions. At points during the hike that Britt had to run up hills ahead of me to get her workout in, now you can see why part of me envy’s her. Being able to galloping like a dear up a mountain and even carry the puppy up hills that were too steep.

Although I hate hills I had a fun time and by the 15 minute mark I stopped caring about the hills and only thought about how nice the view would be. The view hiking up was incredible, I always forget how dense and green our forests are. There were outstanding views of the mountains and logging roads in the surrounding areas. When we finally made it to the top, It was breathtaking. I had never seen Cameron Lake in all it’s entirety, stunning, to be able to see something you have seen a hundred times before from a completely new view. There were benches at the top as well, although my mind was boggled about how someone hiked them up there, I was relieved they did.


After posing for photos we decided to trek back down. Easier said then done, Britt had to carry the puppy most of the way down because it was so steep. Some minor slips and falls, left Britt with a nasty arm scratch. The puppies and I made it out unharmed. When we were nearing the end of the trail Britt noticed that both our legs were shaking, from balancing and fighting gravity. Over all it was the second best hike I have had on the island, the first being to a place called Underwood and maybe sometime I will write about that one too!


Thanks for reading and If anyone is interested in giving it a try, the trail head it easy to find. If you are coming from Parksville, look for an area on the right side of the road right before you hit Cameron Lake provincial park. You will be able to see a rail road in front of where you would park your car, follow it to the left over the trestle and right after, you will see a tiny trail on the right. You follow that all the way to the top.

Happy Hiking!


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