Karaoke Port Alberni

I never thought I’d be one to enjoy Karaoke, but I have been twice in the last week! Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Nicole and couple BlackFly Vodka’s, I took a shot at it. On Wednesday night Karaoke is at The Blue Marlin Inn (The Arli). We arrived to a turnout of maybe 30 people, which isn’t bad for a Wednesday night. I headed up to the bar with Nicole, who just so happened to be buying the drinks because she won 70 dollars at the Casino only minutes before. We ordered two of our favourite shots, Marijuana Milkshakes. Our bartender was new, he had never made them. That being said he was quick on a call to another bartender to get the recipe. While waiting for him to make the drinks.

We felt a little embarrassed for ordering such a “fancy” shot in a line up full of men wanting bottled beer. They weren’t hiding their annoyance either. I felt terrible for the man behind the bar, he had been nothing but kind. After a couple of minutes of standing there awkwardly, to our relief the he asked if we would like to take a seat and he would bring our shots over. He ended up bring two light blue drinks over, they were not exactly what we asked for but the were delicious none the less. They were also complimentary, which was thoughtful. We sang, drank and overall it was a fun experience!

Friday night was Karaoke at the Port Pub, not somewhere I have been very often. I didn’t think that there would be that many people but, I was wrong. Packed full of enthusiastic patrons of all different ages, we even saw some returning singers from The Blue Marlin. One of the many wonderful voices I heard that evening was that of Niklas Burton, a resident of Port Alberni and Karaoke fan. His melodious voice stood out among the crowd. Tackling Sia’s complex song Chandelier is not for the faint of heart but Niklas had the vocal range to pull it off. He was not the only talented voice there that night, multiple others surprised the audience with powerful renditions of their all time favourite songs!  The service was great and if I am not mistaken they also had Pool Tables on the upper level for those not courageous enough for Karaoke. I strongly urge anyone who hasn’t already been to go in and check it out!

So Port Alberni if you’re looking for a fun Karaoke night out, those are some of your options!  If anyone knows the name of the Karaoke company, feel free to leave their name in the comments so I can add it to the blog! If you have videos from your Karaoke experience feel free to leave them in the comments as well!

On a side note, I am looking for recommendations for topics for my next blogs! Tell me what you love most about Port Alberni so everyone else and myself can check it out!


Port Alberni Squash & Billiards

I don’t spend a whole lot of time playing pool and I haven’t tried Squash, but after my visit to P.A’s new Squash & Billiards Club I might start. Locally owned and operated by the infamous Candy Travers, P.A Squash & Billiards is more than meets the eye.  I first met Candy when she worked at the Blue Marlin Inn ( The Arli ), welcoming and knowledgable beyond drinks. She always remembered who I was and indulged my curiousness with new fun drinks or shots to try! I was a little sad when I heard she wasn’t working at the Blue Marlin and now that I know why I am not so sad.

Last Thursday after a lovely birthday dinner for Curtis, family and friends took me to “Candy’s”, as they like to call it. It is located on 3rd Avenue across from the BMO. I had never noticed it was there,  maybe it was that the sign is rather small compared to the size of the building. Inside it is a newly renovated, beautiful open area with 10 pool tables, a foosball table and the bar. Of corse the bar is stocked and served by Candy herself. There are also three different viewing windows looking down onto the squash courts and downstairs is a fully equipped 24 hour gym. Immediately feeling an at home atmosphere is always refreshing, With a cozy corner fire-place and couch how could you not feel at home!

First things first. I wanted to play a round of pool, as I mentioned before I don’t play pool… often. I thought I knew how to at least hold cue stick but, apparently not. Shortly after my sister in-law began playing, Candy came over how to show us how professionals do it. I am super thankful she did or my defeat would have been even more embarrassing. A fun-filled night of foosball, pool and Marijuana Milkshake shots, has got me thinking of trying my hand at Squash.

Overall I think this is my new go to spot in Port Alberni, especially because Candy never says no to a little dancing too! I strongly urge anyone with the interest to go check it out, leave a comment below and tell us about your experience! For more information visit their facebook page or website.

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