Stray Thoughts

Struggling to see,
What is finally me.

A mirror askew in the light. 

Straining your eyes.

Reflection is just out of sight.
Thinking stray thoughts,

Across your mind. 

Greener pastures,

Sing a siren song…
Of times left behind.
It must be wrong,

To be impassive. 

Pushing through.

Be okay you think,

Around another way.

Something sprung me to write this while laying in bed. I hope everyone finds rest. Goodnight. ūüĆú


Avoiding certain death. Let us play the game. We can play, now. Make plans. You are going to need them. It is not teamwork because we are both selfish. You are disgusting.  You are the kind of girl who just sits there & cannot accept a thank you. So like who is really at fault.

The words of someone you love, acid to the core, you walk out thinking, It’s me, them, us, this, that. A never-ending search for the meanings to an end. You can see the good, you can see the light & everything to fight for the right. Just outside arms reach, you push for the air to fill your lungs…¬†but they fall flat. Mature move is, to forgive and hope for the best. Yet your full of detest.

Your Happy Place

When I breathe words I don’t mean.

My body overrules my intentions.

Swinging back and forth,

Like a child on a tire swing.

I want our hearts to be happy,

But my heart is selfish.


I don’t think I’ve ever spoke or publicised anything of my own thoughts. I love the concept of writing a blog, you really put yourself out there for anyone to see. I wasn’t a strong student, I am not a strong writer either. It’s a little terrifying pushing that publish button, then it’s out there. Spelling mistakes, grammar¬†mistakes and poor topic subjects. It’s all out there, it doesn’t matter if you correct it later. It could be the first impression someone has of you or the last impression you make on someone. A million people could be reading your words or no one at all. Thank you to anyone who has read any of my posts, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my thoughts. I’d also like to shout out to my beautiful man Curtis for putting up with every single one of my never-ending ideas and their outcomes!