An Uncomfortable Topic

I haven’t written in a while due to Christmas & New Years. I hope everyone was surrounded by joy and happiness this holiday season. I also hope that 2018 brings amazing adventures and great times for everyone!

Now that 2018 has arrived and in the light of the new year, I wanted to write and hopefully educate, on a topic that most people find uncomfortable. Periods and the waste produced by period products.

If you are a male or someone who thinks that this post doesn’t apply to them or that they shouldn’t read any further, you couldn’t be more wrong. As a person in general it is your responsibility to educate whenever possible, say you’re a father and you just had a baby girl.. well at some point that girl is going to get her period. This a topic that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone.  Recently I was browsing through Facebook and a post caught my attention.  Jim Stelmacker a resident of Port Alberni came across an unsightly view whilst walking the trail to the bird sanctuary, located across the Somass river. When walking the trail you have to pass the Sewage Lagoon, with permission I have posted the pictures of what he found below.



Not only is this a disturbing sight to see while walking around our beautiful home town but, It also bring up the question ” How under educated are women? “. Growing up, I was apparently one of the lucky ones that was taught that absolutely nothing but, biodegradable waste and toilet paper goes in the toilet. Never in my life would I have imagined that ladies would flush not only the tampon it’s self but, also the plastic or cardboard applicator. If not for the possibility of embarrassment, if the toilet were to clog  but, also because of the impact on the environment. At my house we had a private sewage tank that needed to be emptied, so in my adolescent mind I was embarrassed at the idea of the attendant finding any of my products in the tank. (Later finding out that is not exactly how they empty the tanks).

As of July 1, 2014, Canada’s population was composed of slightly more females than males, at 17.9 million and 17.6 million. I know that those statistics aren’t up to date but it gives you a general idea of how many women there are in Canada. That is a lot of feminine products sold and perhaps discarded improperly. According to in 2014 Canadian women between the ages of 12 and 49 spent an estimated $519,976,963 on menstrual hygiene products.

Now imagine you only had to buy one product replacing it between every 2-4 years. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well I’d like to introduce the Diva Cup, while still being made out of plastic. It is an impressive alternative to tampons and pads. I myself wish that someone had come up with the idea and educated me about it when I was young, it would saved me from some very embarrassing moments.  I think this product is wonderful and hopefully offers a solution to period product environmental problem as well as the problem of period product access around the world.

In short anyone who is menstruating and flushing their products down the toilet, please stop! Either put your feminine waste in the garbage (where it will still end up in the ground in our landfills) or switch to a better alternative. I know some ladies are grossed out by the idea of a Diva Cup but, it is such a small thing to overcome to help solve such a big problem.

If you have any experiences or comments feel free to post them below!

Thanks for reading!


Cash Crate

Being a full-time homemaker is great but, unfortunately it does not pay well. Some people will argue that it pays in love, but love doesn’t buy groceries. I’ve found myself lately wanting to make an extra bit of cash on the side. I had previously looked into doing online survey’s through multiple different sites,with some luck but, nothing consistent. Until now, I had been getting paid in gift card format which, isn’t the greatest if you need to buy anything that isn’t from Amazon. Recently I found this site called Cash Crate. is the only online survey website I have found that sends out actual check with actual money. The site is easy enough to navigate, it had various options to earn cash. You can watch videos, take survey and shop through websites for cash. Each time you complete a survey your money marker is updated, although I have noticed that it can take a little but of time for it to appear.

When you reach an amount of $25 they will send you a check in the mail, which sounds awesome to me!! I love taking survey’s to make extra cash! You can spend time with your family, you can do them in your P.J’s and you can get your own snacks at the same time too!! You can expect to receive 2-3 emails a day inviting you to survey’s but, there are loads more on the website! You can also receive free offers from companies that will pay you to try their products or service.

Anyone who is looking for a bit of extra income should certainly give it a try by pressing the button below! And no it is not a scam!! Be sure to let me know what you think of it in comment section!


Free Online Courses with Coursera

Recently I decided to look into distance education and online learning. Now being a stay at home mom with limited income, I wanted to see what was out there for free online learning. Just to brush up on math, science or whatever else I could find.  I was actually a bit annoyed that Coursera kept coming up every time I searched for free online courses, I thought it was a scam.  I kept thinking there is no way that Yale, Duke and many other prestigious universities and colleges would be offering their courses online for free, also it wasn’t offering the kind of basic courses I was looking for. The idea threw me off completely, so much so that I didn’t even bother looking more into it until a couple of months later when I finally got fed up with trying to navigate through endless college, university & other education websites.

Now I should probably take a step back and explain what Coursera is exactly. It is an education focused technology company, based out of California. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to provide online courses, specializations, degrees in all different types of subjects, such as engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer sciences and others. It is available to anyone who has an internet connection and I am in LOVE with it. Now like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have the basic courses for anyone looking to upgrade at a high school level. A lot of the courses are specifically catered to professionals already working or learning in their field of interest.

I tried out multiple courses, some were to help me get a vision of what I might like to go back to school for and another just because I was interested in learning more about the subject. The time for each course can vary from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, also at the end of the course you can choose to purchase a certificate of completion. I have opted to wait to purchase my certificates, just because at the moment I have no need for them. The two courses  I have finished are Our Earth’s Future through the American Museum of Natural History and The Horse Course through The University of Florida. I have nothing but nice things to say about these two courses! They have very interesting video lectures, the information was spread out evenly throughout the allotted amount of weeks. Overall it was a pleasant learning experience. I am enrolled in some more heavy-duty courses also like, Our Earth’s Energy Future through the University of California, San Diego. This is course is longer than the first two mentioned and has quite a bit more material. Going into this course without any real knowledge in the area was a little bit intimidating at first because I could tell that the target audience were people who were currently going to school for environmental sciences or worked in that field already.

Even though this course is a little ahead of where I am at the minute I still find it extremely fascinating. If you’re like me and life gets a little hectic, they have the option to stay where you are in the course and keep your marks so far but take a break and wait for the next session. Their online discussion board is also something to beam about, at first you don’t realize how many people are taking the same course as you. At one point during a lecture the teacher pointed out that there were 11,000 plus students enrolled in the course. You see all these different points of view from all around the world. Different discussions lead to different threads and if you have a question there is almost always someone there who knows the answer.  The assignments are quite fun and I realized quite a bit about myself and my household carbon footprint while doing an assignment from Our Earth’s Energy Future. The assignments are peer graded, due to the number of students. There is a negative side to this, if you’re late getting an assignment in you may not have anyone to grade it if everyone has already moved on. Now if you pass the assignment, but it’s late it is ok, you can still pass the course. I find that to be a bonus.

There is a lot more to rave about when it comes to Coursera but I’ll and keep it short for now. Thinking about how much closer this site brings people to learning has made it a joy to write about. I recommend that everyone takes a look through their catalog of courses and try it out, whether it be for fun, building up your resume or to advance your career! Also if you have any questions the staff at Coursera is extremely helpful and efficient. Comment if you have a story about Coursera you’d like to share!