Hone & Strop, First Hair Cut

Today, actually since my 2 year old had his first real hair cut, I’ve wanted to write a post about this particular barber shop called, Hone & Strop, located in Port Alberni, British Columbia. I started hearing good things about this place even before it opened, rumours and whispers of new age barber shop opening in our small town. Already knowing that the customer service in the store it shares space with was excellent, I had high expectations. To say I was impressed with the set up is a complete understatement. Down to the details of the sign out front, to the unique and modern style inside the shop itself. I don’t think I’d be out of line to say it brings some much needed “Umph” to the 3rd Ave district.

My son Jackson is two, if you’ve ever met a two year old then you know that they are energetic and that is an understatement. I had absolutely no style in mind for Jackson’s hair but, I knew it was time. We went in for our appointment and we were warmly greeted.  They needed a minute; so we looked around and they gave no objection to Jackson running around and touching EVERYTHING. We didn’t have to wait long to meet our barber Garrett, the first thing Jackson noticed was his apron. He was fascinated, I think because he has a little one just like it for doing crafts.

Once Jackson was all settled, he brought out the cutest dinosaur cape for him to wear and he loved it. Jackson previously had his hair cut by myself and his aunt a couple times. One time I had to shave his head and it was awful, so he was mostly desensitized to the buzzers. I was afraid the haircut would be uneven because he kept jerking his head to get a look at what Garrett was doing. It turned out great though, perfectly even, thanks to Garrett’s clever child distracting tactics.

After finishing with the haircut Garrett kindly offered Jackson a treat. I know that some moms are cautious of sweets and candies so,  I was pleasantly surprised when he pulled out a pack of little fruit gummies! Paying for the haircut was easy breezy! They accept debit/credit and cash. Lucky for me, I went in before their upcoming price change. For kids under 12 it is was $17; soon it will change to $20. I’m sure some people are thinking that it might be a little steep for a child’s haircut. I think that it is more than worth it though, for a professional, stylish and quick haircut. They also offer a variety of other services including a hot shave. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to book another appointment, for myself this time!

You can also visit them at their website, http://www.honeandstropbarberco.com or at their Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/honeandstropbarberco/

Writing my first blog

As I sit here amid crying babies, whining toddlers, husbands who can’t seem to find anything, mountains of debt, and a wondrous world to explore; I find myself writing a blog. I can’t really explain why it is that today of all mornings I decided to take my turn at attempting a blog. But as it is here we are, I guess I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Victoria Snow, I live in Port Alberni, British Columbia. Although I am not originally from the west coast ( Hello Haliburton Ontario! ), both my parents are from either side of Canada. My dad is from Vancouver Island and my mother is from Newfoundland. How I wound up in the most beautiful place in the world is another story completely. I have a wonderful family of 2 little boys, Jackson (2yr) & Mason (1yr), and I am engaged to a very handsome man named Curtis. I consider myself extremely blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people on a daily basis. This is not to say that I feel blessed all the time. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs as I am sure all of you have as well.

This may be part of the reason I wanted to start blogging, to be able to share my experiences with anyone who finds comfort in reading about them. If I can write about something that might help others then it might be worth it. I am new at this, I really don’t know much about the online world, so please try to be kind but I also love honesty. I appreciate feedback and look forward to hearing it.  Set topics aren’t my thing. I want to share as much of my experiences as I can; whether it be about travel, food, friends, products, or family. Hoping to meet some new people along the road, find more blogs to follow, and learn as much as I can.

Thanks for sticking with me this far! Feel free to leave comments and ask questions!

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